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CDC Gaming Reports Advertising Information and Rates

Website Ad – $600/month (per insertion)
CDC Gaming Reports will feature up to ten vertical ads (no more than three from any single advertiser) – each one running randomly on the left side of the page (the right side of the page will be reserved for CDC related advertisements). Only one ad will appear at any one time – and it will not change as long as the reader stays on the same page. Ad will move up and down as the reader moves his cursor down the page.According to audited figures (, the CDC Gaming Reports website had over 17,000 unique visitors in December and 67,000 page views.
CDC Promo Reports Page Ad – $450 month
Our new Casino Promotions App will feature ads (from a single advertiser) at the top right of the page as well as the company’s logo at the bottom left. Advertiser may submit up to three different ads to randomly alternate. Access to the app is restricted to 1,500 premium subscribers.
CDC Gaming Reports Advertising Rates
CDC Gaming Reports Advertising Rates