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Casino-themed day care centre wins elderly hearts, but dices with controversy

TOKYO: Clients emerge from black stretch limousines, displaying VIP passports to the staff. Inside, the building is decked out in crystal chandeliers and ornate black-and-gold wallpaper.

The tinkling of neon-lit slot machines blends with the clatter of an electronic mahjong table which mixes the tiles for waiting players.

Las Vegas Adachi would seem to be just another commercial casino – but it’s actually a day care centre for the elderly in Japan.

It was a trip to an actual casino in Las Vegas that inspired the CEO of Day Service Las Vegas, Mr Kaoru Mori, to set up this unusual centre. At the MGM Grand casino, the former salesman was surprised to see a large number of elderly patrons.

“They were placing small bets – only $10 or $15. But they were all dressed up for their day out and clearly having fun,” he said.

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