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Casinos in Davenport and Riverside fined for banned gambler violations

Two Iowa casinos were assessed penalties this week by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission for violations of the self-ban on gambling.

The Rhythm City Casino in Davenport was fined $3,000 after a person who had signed a self-ban was allowed to sign up for a players club account. Mo Hyder, the casino’s general manager, told the commissioners they take the violations very seriously and this one happened despite “rigorous training procedures.”

It was the first violation for the casino in the last 365 days. Hyder says the employee who was handling the situation was confused about what to do. A commissioner asked if it was human error and Hyder replied, “Human error, correct.”

The Riverside Casino was fined $25,000 after a banned player was allowed to sign up for a players club account. General manager Dan Franz says the club cards are processed in three different places and they’ve taken steps to prevent more issues.

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