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Piggly Wiggly and Daisy Usher in a New Era

Make no mistake about it, Illinois is a gambling state.  In the Land of Lincoln, there are ten casinos, five horse race tracks, a $3 billion a year lottery and 26,000 VLTs located in 6,000 bars, restaurants, truck stops, fraternal… [continue reading]

Utah, and every other state, shouldn’t freak out over sports gambling

Have any of you puritans out there ever gambled away any money on sports? Yes. Yes, you have. Most of you have, in one way or another. For instance, that office pool you enter every March, the one in which… [continue reading]

Macau’s Casinos Can Tilt the Odds Back in Their Favor

It’s natural to be scared of betting big just after losing a great hand. But savvy gamblers know that just because the first game played out one way, the next won’t necessarily follow. That’s the case in Macau, where a… [continue reading]

Trump Bets on Casino Hired Gun for State Department

When Jonathan Galaviz left his job at a casino consulting firm to go work for the Trump State Department, he didn’t have any concerns about job security. The firm—which consults for at least two Russian state entities, according to its… [continue reading]

The Enduring Fascination of Casino Carpet

People are fascinated by even the most mundane aspects of casino design. The slot machines, the air, even the chairs—all have come under scrutiny. But nothing, it seems, fascinates the public like what’s beneath their feet. Carpets that adorn casinos… [continue reading]

Gambling can be fun, but winning can screw things up

Once again, a disputed gambling deal is in the news. Tallahassee lawyer Hal Lewis is seeking $22,788 that Lewis says poker pro Maurice Hawkins owes him from a broken 2016 staking deal. Lewis, a personal injury attorney, has emails and… [continue reading]

How data changed gambling

ON JULY 16th, Roger Federer triumphed over Marin Cilic to win the men’s Wimbledon tennis championship for the eighth time. It was an expected end to an otherwise unpredictable two weeks, with many top seeds exiting the tournament earlier than… [continue reading]

Attorney withdraws from tattered Team Okada, but embarrassing battle rages on

His body language remained professionally understated at all times, but I’d swear I saw an almost imperceptible sigh from attorney David Krakoff last week in District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez’s courtroom. Krakoff, of the estimable Washington, DC law firm Buckley Sandler,… [continue reading]

Responsible Gaming: Our Commitment. Every Day.

As we approach Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW), recognized by the industry July 31 – August 4, the American Gaming Association (AGA) and its members understand that it’s more than a weeklong event: It’s our commitment. Every day. We encourage the… [continue reading]

Future of daily fantasy sports tied to New Jersey court case

We are back to square one, it seems, concerning daily fantasy sports. Sort of. Last week’s news that daily fantasy behemoths DraftKings and FanDuel had called off their much-discussed merger, after the Federal Trade Commission raised anti-trust concerns, turned the… [continue reading]

More legalized gambling seems to be a sure bet in Pa.

In all the back-and-forth about how to pay for Pennsylvania’s budget, gambling fans should take one point to heart: Legalized online casino gaming, daily fantasy sports betting and online lottery sales are almost certain to be part of the ultimate… [continue reading]

Ruling on sports betting could have major impact on Nevada

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent announcement that it would review a New Jersey case on sports wagering and the American Gaming Association’s continued push to repeal the law forbidding state-authorized sports gambling are clear indicators that sports betting is on… [continue reading]

Fantasy Sports Catches a Wave

In the waning days of June, Delaware, New Jersey and Maine passed fantasy sports legislation and Indiana approved regulations.  Those states have joined Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont… [continue reading]

A bad bet: Expanded gambling is no state budget solution

A 2014 report by ranked Pennsylvania as the second-heaviest gambling state in the nation after Nevada. While revenue sources for the new fiscal year’s budget remain up in the air, legislators in Harrisburg seem determined to increase the amount… [continue reading]

The Circus Is Coming Back to Town

The circus is returning to the Strip. Of course, the circus has never left Las Vegas. Going back to the 1940s, the Strip’s revue shows featured the kinds of animal acts that would have fit into touring circuses. The Strip… [continue reading]

Springfield’s revival can stand up to competition

As Springfield’s revival takes shape with downtown development and other activity, the city faces competition from the west and south. In Worcester, a pedestrian skybridge between the DCU Center and Hilton Garden Inn is on its way to coming true…. [continue reading]

State fiscal turmoil leaves gaming industry caught in crossfire

Live by the state. Die by the state. Perhaps no phrase so succinctly describes the very existence of the casino business. This adage becomes truer than ever in mid-summer, at the end of the fiscal year, when states are forced… [continue reading]

Will the Supreme Court Give Gambling Back to the States?

Should betting on sports, or any other form of gambling, be legal? The first question is: Who decides? Until a few decades ago, no one would have thought the decision-maker was the federal government. In fact, for the first 150… [continue reading]

How to advance Florida gambling? Look to the courts

Once again, it took the courts, not the Florida legislature, to generate some progress regarding the state’s gambling landscape. Last week, Governor Rick Scott announced an extended deal between the state and the Seminole Tribe of Florida, an agreement that… [continue reading]

Gaming companies and other ‘teams’ can learn from Walker’s ‘The Captain Class’

Gaming, historically, has been such a personality driven industry that it’s hard to tell exactly what makes a consistently winning “team.” It’s more than profit at the bottom line. But is it a charismatic leader at the top who makes… [continue reading]

Data Breaches: Time to Think Differently

For nearly two decades, I’ve been deeply immersed in computer security. No, I’m not a shrouded figure in hoodie – I wear business attire because my job has been to help law-abiding organizations stay safe. I’m not a hacker of… [continue reading]

Stratosphere ‘a great fit’ for Golden Entertainment in Las Vegas

“You want to see something really cool?” a gaming investment friend of mine asked me one day back in around 1994. My friend offered to take me up to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, still under construction at the… [continue reading]

What’s the right tax rate for online casinos?

The Pennsylvania legislature appears to be on its way toward the eventual approval of a package that would legalize online gambling, but the rate at which online casinos should be taxed remains a firm point of contention. The bill proposed… [continue reading]

Online Gaming Has Proven Economic Benefits

Recent Opinion Piece Misstates Academic Research on New Jersey Impact I was baffled to read Associate Professor Podoshen’s editorial claiming that online gaming “cannibalizes” revenue from land-based casinos. I would think a professor would review existing research before accepting the… [continue reading]

Filion’s passing a reminder of old times and changing times in sports gambling

Herve Filion was a sports star with few peers. The fact most fans can’t place his name is a reminder that not everyone appreciates the nuanced grace of harness racing. Not surprisingly, many sports pages neglected to give his recent… [continue reading]