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Wagering on Las Vegas Raiders a sure bet

Once it became clear last week that the National Football League had cleared a path for the Raiders to relocate from Oakland to Las Vegas for the 2020 season, some hand-wringing re-emerged on the topic of betting on the team…. [continue reading]

Las Vegas Advisor relaunch brings tips, deals to locals and visitors alike

Anthony Curtis had the advantage of being an early mover when he entered the Las Vegas marketing and promotions universe three decades ago. He was still an early mover when he built his website, Las Vegas Advisor, in the 1990s…. [continue reading]

The Tiffany of the Strip

Frank Costello was calling it a night. After enjoying a dinner at L’Aiglon on the East Side with friends, Costello demurred on a drink at the Monsignore restaurant, instead opting to catch a cab to his apartment building at 115… [continue reading]

Golden Knights are the biggest losers in Raiders move

There’s no feeling quite like being beat at your own game, particularly when your competition comes waltzing in down the very trail that you spent your career blazing. After putting in years’ worth of lobbying, organizing and stereotype-fighting grunt work… [continue reading]

A Pig, a Panda and a Cat Rolex in Vegas

Rolex you say? Yep, “to Rolex” is when you go to a Rolex store with a sledge hammer, break the windows, take whatever you want and go on your merry way.  It happened Saturday March 25th in Las Vegas.  The… [continue reading]

The NFL used to shun Las Vegas. Why is it moving a team there?

The gambling industry here and football have been seeing each other secretly since the 1960s. But Monday’s 31-to-1 vote by league owners to permit the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas with (for now) no stipulations about sports betting… [continue reading]

Gambling finally becomes nonissue with NFL owners

PHOENIX — For decades, the folks who owned NFL teams hardly portrayed themselves as bastions of progressive thought. There weren’t many John Deweys running around the fraternity house of billionaires. They were more old school than transistor radios and leather… [continue reading]

South of the border, hoping to wager a few pesos

Thirty years ago, long before I thought of making a living by writing about gambling, I got on a St. Louis riverboat to play a quick hour of blackjack. As I boarded, a greeter placed a card in my hand…. [continue reading]

Tough weekend won’t stop the action thanks to public, private security

Visitors to the Strip this past weekend would be forgiven for feeling like they’d stumbled onto a movie set near the Cosmopolitan and Bellagio. But it was no “Speed” sequel. Playing out in real time Saturday on Las Vegas Boulevard,… [continue reading]

All bets are off opening day when Raiders come to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) – They’re not quite the Las Vegas Raiders, at least not yet. There’s a stadium to be built and three more seasons to be played before everything is done. But after approval of the their move to… [continue reading]

Editorial: Lawmakers have every reason to speed along light rail plan

It’s time to get rolling on light rail for the Strip. A bill that would allow the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to start arranging funding for a transportation plan that includes a major light rail system has been… [continue reading]

Raiders in Sin City? You can bet on it

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A town built on losers is about to become a big winner in the NFL relocation sweepstakes. And Sundays in Sin City may never be the same. What seemed unimaginable to most just a year ago… [continue reading]

Gambling Addiction…Who Is Responsible Anyway?

Problem gambling and addicted gamblers will always be an issue for the gaming industry.  It is an issue that catches headlines and undermines the industry credibility.  It is an issue that industry insiders should put more time and money into… [continue reading]

E-Sports Betting The Latest Legal Change Eyed By Nevada Law Students

Nevada lawmakers are set to consider a bill to allow for pari-mutuel wagering on e-sports and poker tournaments, in the latest in a series of legislative proposals drafted by students at the William S. Boyd School of Law in Las… [continue reading]

MGM, Dubai deal cannot become CityCenter 2.0

A decade following their catastrophic swing-and-miss on the Las Vegas CityCenter deal, MGM and the government of Dubai are back and ready for another bite at the apple. Dubai made a gargantuan bet on the Las Vegas Strip and lost… [continue reading]

Infamous high roller: Why isn’t Rick Rizzolo in the Black Book?

The saga of the Crazy Horse Too topless club in Las Vegas has briefly returned to the news because of Kirk Henry’s recent death in Kansas. Henry was the tourist who, in September 2001, made the mistake of accompanying a… [continue reading]

MGM’s new Golfstream attraction to host skill-based indoor golf gaming events

When people talk about playing skill-based games for money in the casino, one immediately thinks video games. With the rising success of large-scale tournaments, specialized esports venues to watch competitions and a movement toward wagering on match outcomes and competitors… [continue reading]

These Las Vegas odds win you (and the oddsmaker) some fun

Sunday’s “game” wasn’t going well for Wynn Las Vegas sports book director John Avello. His winning picks were averaging below 70 percent, compared with his usual 79 percent for this particular “sport.” But a win on his final pick of… [continue reading]

Bettors arrive at books early and stay late for NCAA Tournament

The biggest upset on your bracket wasn’t an upset against the point spread, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of visitors and locals alike who packed Las Vegas sports books Thursday on the first day of the NCAA… [continue reading]

VGT operators making push in Pennsylvania

As Pennsylvania lawmakers study whether to approve iGaming and Daily Fantasy Sports to generate more tax revenue, supporters of allowing slot machines in bars, restaurants and private clubs are stepping up their campaign as well. Their arguments echo those made… [continue reading]

This Wall Street Legend Failed to Conquer Vegas Sports Betting

March Madness, the ultimate in U.S. college basketball, hits Las Vegas like a tomahawk jam. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars course through the Vegas sports betting parlors, far exceeding wagers placed on the one-day Super Bowl event. Howard… [continue reading]

The Battle of Boston Considered

Could Wynn Boston Harbor lose its license before it even opens? It could happen; the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled recently that a lawsuit challenging Wynn’s license could proceed.* The court sent the case back to a lower court to… [continue reading]

Squirrel! Is Your Social Media Content Grabbing Attention?

Like most of us, I’m really busy every day. But a few times a week, I “catch up” on my Newsfeed and favorite social channels to make sure that I haven’t missed anything “important” (like a picture of the largest… [continue reading]

The economy is still strong, and that’s good for casinos

Twenty-five years ago, James Carville coined some famous words for Bill Clinton’s campaign staff: “The economy, stupid.” It’s also helpful to view the casino world through that lens. Of course, twenty-five years ago there was no Internet gaming, but the… [continue reading]

Making the IRS less capable of fighting fraud

IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Richard Weber made it sound almost simple. “Whether we are talking about complex offshore tax evasion cases, employment taxes, or other core mission taxes, or even a cyber case involving the dark net — the investigation… [continue reading]