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What’s the right tax rate for online casinos?

The Pennsylvania legislature appears to be on its way toward the eventual approval of a package that would legalize online gambling, but the rate at which online casinos should be taxed remains a firm point of contention. The bill proposed… [continue reading]

Online Gaming Has Proven Economic Benefits

Recent Opinion Piece Misstates Academic Research on New Jersey Impact I was baffled to read Associate Professor Podoshen’s editorial claiming that online gaming “cannibalizes” revenue from land-based casinos. I would think a professor would review existing research before accepting the… [continue reading]

Filion’s passing a reminder of old times and changing times in sports gambling

Herve Filion was a sports star with few peers. The fact most fans can’t place his name is a reminder that not everyone appreciates the nuanced grace of harness racing. Not surprisingly, many sports pages neglected to give his recent… [continue reading]

Cannibalizing casinos an example of how not to grow jobs and revenue

Most of us have seen economic cannibals in action at local shopping malls and cities, where new Starbucks and Gap stores are built too quickly and too close together to their existing stores. Thus, the new stores don’t gain sales… [continue reading]

Casino, online gambling converging, as Spectrum forecast 15 years ago

Land-based casino operators are embracing online gambling, learning that it will help attract a different audience and not cannibalize their existing business. We’ve kind of known that from revenue figures compiled in recent months – especially in Atlantic City –… [continue reading]

New Shark Trap (get it?) shufflers to help casinos add efficiency, eradicate cheaters

A new high-tech shuffling machine called Shark Trap System is set to hit the market next year, company officials announced last week. The product promises to increase productivity, reduce card costs, and attain unprecedented levels of game protection. The platform… [continue reading]

Getting Lucky at Blackjack

If a non-advantage player beats the house for an extended period of time there are usually two significant consequences, especially if the player is a high-roller. First, the player will most likely believe he has a system to beat the… [continue reading]

Derek Stevens Looks Toward Downtown’s Past to See Its Future

The past few weeks have offered a good perspective on the dance between old Vegas, new Vegas and new old Vegas that characterizes our times. In particular, two incidents involving Downtown casino owner Derek Stevens that could only have happened… [continue reading]

Supreme Court to Hear NJ’s Challenge to Federal Sports Betting Ban

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to hear New Jersey’s challenge to the failing federal sports betting ban. This follows AGA’s filing of an amicus brief with the Court in 2016 and encouragingSCOTUS to take the case. To stay informed… [continue reading]

The Black Book, Part II: Jaben was a Kansas City gambling wizard

Around Kansas City, Max Jaben called himself an “investment broker,” but history tells us he was always best at brokering his own investments. Law enforcement authorities hung other titles on Jaben: Civella family organized crime figure, political fixer, numbers boss,… [continue reading]

Time is ripe to bring sports betting into the open

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Jimmy Vaccaro has been taking bets in this gambling town for more than 40 years, so there’s not much he won’t put a price on. That includes the chances of the U.S. Supreme Court opening the… [continue reading]

AGA shows strong quarterback skills in sports betting push

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court moved the football closer to the goal line in the eyes of the nation’s sports betting community. The bulk of the credit, however, goes to the American Gaming Association, which has kept the drive… [continue reading]

Electronic table games still ripe for expansion and innovation

It’s difficult to find someone who has negative things to say about electronic table games nowadays, with casino officials and financial experts pointing out their value and the innovative uses on the horizon. As casinos try to control their manpower… [continue reading]

Sagging sales reveal flaws in New Mexico lottery scholarship plan

SANTA FE — I pulled into the gas station to fill the Subaru’s tank, but in addition to the usual queries — Credit or debit? Regular or premium? — I was asked another burning question: Wanna buy a lottery ticket?… [continue reading]

AGA Highlights Gaming’s Positive Impact on Small Businesses in Maryland

The American Gaming Association last week made its third stop on the American Gaming Small Business Jobs Tour at Live! Casino & Hotel in Maryland. At a roundtable, stakeholders touted gaming’s strong community impact in Anne Arundel County, MD and… [continue reading]

Japan’s Casinos Will Do Just Fine Without High Rollers

Is Japan’s $40 billion casino industry about to be strangled in its cradle? That’s one way of looking at proposed regulations that would effectively ban junket operators from the gambling resorts the country is due to start opening early next decade. Activities such… [continue reading]

MGM Resorts raising the stakes for convention business

When it comes to conventions and meetings business, MGM Resorts International is all in. Last week’s groundbreaking for a 250,000-square-foot expansion of the MGM Conference Center at the MGM Grand was the latest in a series of investments to vault… [continue reading]

FTC right to block FanDuel/DraftKings merger, but does it matter?

The daily fantasy sports world was dealt a blow this week when the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would sue to block the merger between FanDuel and DraftKings, the two dominant companies in the DFS space. Many DFS homerists… [continue reading]

Howdy, Bob: Something Golden coming to the Boulevard and the Stratosphere

Down on the street, the smoking grind of summer traffic and tourists on this part of the Boulevard is something even the most creative casino industry marketing maven would have trouble turning into an inviting TV spot. Still more seedy… [continue reading]

RubinBrown moves into Vegas (and not just metaphorically)

As do most companies who work with the gaming industry, accounting and business consulting firm RubinBrown keeps a keen eye on Las Vegas. So, as the company expanded, it made sense to plant a stake there. The company, which started… [continue reading]

How gambling went digital and its importance to the industry

When it comes to adopting new and emerging technologies, few industries do it faster than operators in the gambling industry. Nowadays many companies in a variety of sectors endeavor to keep up with developments in tech and online for survival,… [continue reading]

Taxpayers: Pennsylvania lawmakers have a gambling problem

Gambling is the opioid of Harrisburg lawmakers. It comes with all the hallmarks of addiction: compulsive need, increasing tolerance, and the drive to continue to consume despite negative consequences. Lawmakers got their first real taste when they legalized gaming in… [continue reading]

Pa.’s rule on casino smoking ‘simply doesn’t work’

Pennsylvania’s 50-50 rule on casino smoking spaces fails for an elementary reason, says a scientist behind numerous studies of gaming areas. “Drawing a line on the floor (between smoking and non-smoking areas) simply doesn’t work, because the smoke does not… [continue reading]

Time For Japan To Ante Up On Casino Legalization

Last month’s Japan Gaming Congress in Tokyo was fantastic in every sense of the word. Ticket sales were cut off at 500, and I gave my opening remarks as first day chairman of the first day to a standing room… [continue reading]

Nevada lawmakers tweak policy on gaming applicants

Late in the recently concluded Nevada legislative session, lawmakers revisited and modified policy from an era of our state’s storied gambling past. And by all accounts, it’s a positive step for the state and the industry. In the 1940s and… [continue reading]