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Relationships, passion for industry make coming to work every day exciting for sports book director

For five years, Chuck Esposito has been race and sports book director at Sunset Station, which was among six Station Casinos properties to renovate its race and sports books prior to the start of football season this year. Esposito enjoys… [continue reading]

Don’t like Strip casino parking fees? Blame the airlines

Blame the airlines for this movement to require casino customers to pay for parking on the Strip. Or, if you listen to some Strip watchers, we should blame ourselves. Tourism is a copycat business world with few original ideas so… [continue reading]

Why a New Report Card Matters to Gaming Companies

In an industry full of glitz, glamor and excitement, anti-money laundering (AML) compliance could easily be overshadowed. Yet the actions we take and the investments we make in this area have serious ramifications for your company’s bottom line, its ability… [continue reading]

AGA Challenges Sports Betting Ban with Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court

In November, the American Gaming Association (AGA), through an amicus brief filed to the United States Supreme Court, argued that the failed federal ban on sports betting is driving a $150 billion illegal market and detailed its support of New… [continue reading]

With Trump election, lame duck RAWA hopes are fading fast

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us, it is lame duck season once again in Washington. It’s a splendid biennial affair where the politicians in Congress who have been given the boot by their constituents are granted an extra month… [continue reading]

Book Review: Death by Video Game: Danger, Pleasure, and Obsession on the Virtual Frontline

With all of the ballyhoo about millennials, video games are more on casino operators’ minds than they were a few years ago. There’s a recognition that they are a popular form of entertainment; there’s a recognition that casino gaming has… [continue reading]

Chris Christie and Atlantic City: a Tale of Woe

In politics timing is as important as location is in real estate and business. If a politician catches a wave he/she might ride it all the way to Washington, D. C. On the other hand, if that same politician misses… [continue reading]

What makes a good poker room? A lot of little things

I have long followed the development of what started as a podcast by two poker-loving workers at the St. Petersburg Times in 2005 and has grown into a national magazine, tournament series and cruise, all under the brand “Ante Up.”… [continue reading]

Dim the lights of the Las Vegas Strip for … Fidel Castro?

His name never graced a Strip marquee or splashed along a major thoroughfare, but former Cuban President Fidel Castro had a substantial impact on Las Vegas. Castro, who led a Marxist revolution that descended from theSierra Maestra Mountains and survived… [continue reading]

Games Millennials Play

In the past two years, as gaming revenues stubbornly refuse to return to prerecession levels, many voices within the industry have sounded an alarm: Something needs to be done. Casinos’ past bread and butter—customers in their 50s and older—are aging… [continue reading]

India Stock Fears Shadowed by Macau’s War on Dirty Cash

Amid the panic and confusion caused by India’s ban on 86 percent of cash in circulation, there’s hope that the pain in the stock market won’t last beyond a quarter or two, and that everything will be hunky-dory once banks… [continue reading]

Lucky Dragon, Las Vegas’ newest resort, firing up casino market

Casino openings excite us because we long to enjoy something we’ve never seen before. For many, the openings of The Mirage (the arrival of the Strip megaresort era), Luxor (a unique idea and design), the Stratosphere (are you kidding …… [continue reading]

Gambling world has plenty to be thankful for

Gratitude is a very personal thing: The Midwestern farmer is grateful for a day of rain, while his neighbor, the golfer, is not. One event, two points of view. Those of us with connections to the casino world are the… [continue reading]

Possible grand jury leak? Walters’ defense grinds away against tough odds

It’s hard not to make Las Vegas gambler and developer Bill Walters a substantial underdog after his May in a federal insider trading investigation. He faces 10 charges related to alleged securities fraud. But now he’s trying to shorten the… [continue reading]

Judge’s ruling threatens advantage players, experts say

Recent court rulings that professional gambler Phil Ivey is not entitled to millions of dollars in baccarat winnings from two casinos send an ominous signal to advantage players, experts in the field say. “This is very disappointing,” Colin Jones, former… [continue reading]

Stay tuned for e-sports betting in Las Vegas casinos

So would you take Team Liquid in a head-to-head World of WarCraft matchup against the Evil Geniuses? Yes, it’s a tough call, considering the Evil Geniuses have scored $14.9 million in winnings in 607 e-sports tournaments. But then, Team Liquid… [continue reading]

Book Review: The Essentials of Casino Game Design: From the Cocktail Napkin to the Casino Floor

Steve Wynn famously said that the only way to make money in a casino is to own one. That kind of capital outlay is beyond the reach of most of us, but still, the idea of making money in a… [continue reading]

The Fantasy Lives On

Before several state attorney generals tapped the brakes last season, fantasy football was taking the country by storm. Then the bubble burst. Now, a Nevada startup helmed by a sports-betting veteran is rolling the dice on fantasy’s return. Vic Salerno… [continue reading]

Can Adelson Buy An Internet Gambling Ban Before The New Year?

Would $20 million be enough to buy enough U.S. Senators to get a law passed before the New Year that will benefit your business interests? Apparently Las Vegas Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson thinks so. He’s become a human ATM machine… [continue reading]

The Day after and I Have Loser’s Remorse

The results of the presidential election came as a shock to many people, including me.  It was startling, not because it could not be foreseen, but because we, the shocked, refused to listen to the people who professed support for… [continue reading]

State legislators can get crash course on gambling issues

The voters have spoken — once again – so now there is a lengthy list of decisions for legislators to make. And that includes decisions about gambling. But while most voters were focused on who is going to lead our… [continue reading]

Ex-“superlobbyist” Abramoff says PASPA repeal will require “tectonic shift”

The American Gaming Association’s signature campaign in the coming years will be a major initiative to push a congressional repeal of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Through a coalition of gaming, sports, media and states’ rights entities,… [continue reading]

Does Trump’s Win Positively Affect Online Gambling In The U.S.?

Thousands of Americans are still feeling the aftermath of the presidential election that just took place. With Trump’s win, some feel ashamed and embarrassed to be an American, while others feel that he will bring out a positive and welcoming… [continue reading]

MGM Resorts’ controversial parking policy still on local minds

My wife and I had just completed a great Sunday afternoon at Bellagio. After suffering like everybody else through the brutal election campaign season, we felt entitled to getting away from the hourly telephone poll calls (we never respond to… [continue reading]

The Cannabis Conundrum in Casinos

Las Vegas resorts refuse to ban smoking in casinos. But what about toking? For now, the answer is easy. No pot, no way, no how. But it’s obviously a question the American Gaming Association, the Nevada Resort Association and individual… [continue reading]