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Q&A with Dennis Mathews, operations manager for Red Rock Lanes

Dennis Mathews, 44, picked up his first bowling ball at age 8 and has spent most of his life in a bowling center. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Mathews, who has operated the 72-lane Red Rock Lanes inside… [continue reading]

Valid reasons to oppose Internet gambling

Howard Stutz’s Nov. 24 column (“Look out, Net bets, Adelson’s after you”) employed a medieval practice used to avoid confronting unpopular positions. When you can’t defend the message, attack the messenger. The truth is I am not alone in my… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: No mixed signals, no more Macau licenses

Anyone trying decipher subliminal messages from the early November policy address by Macau’s top government official would have an easier time determining whether the Beatles were secretly telling us Paul was dead through the “Abbey Road” album cover. Both ideas… [continue reading]

A New Beginning for the (original) Venice Casino?

In September 2013, the City Council of Venice agreed to privatize the operation of the city’s two gaming sites. The company which will run the world’s oldest casino is to selected by the end of this year, by a public… [continue reading]

Grand Theft Auto is Entering the Gambling Game

It is no secret; the cat is out of the bag. Online casino gaming has officially arrived.  New Jersey’s entry into online gaming kicked off a new era for the gaming industry.  Granted, Nevada and Delaware both began online gaming… [continue reading]

Bloomberg View: Internet Gambling Deserves a Chance to Make It Nationwide

In a victory for fun, liberty and sound fiscal policy, New Jersey will tomorrow let most of its residents gamble online. All Americans should be so (dare we say it?) lucky. New Jersey is the third state, after Delaware and… [continue reading]

Say what you will, Adelson is right on web gambling

Of all the things that have been said recently about Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson’s crusade against online gambling, there’s one missing: He’s right. That’s a far, far different thing from saying he’ll succeed in getting a federal ban… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Adelson faces steep odds in campaign to roll back Internet gambling

Earlier this summer, Sheldon Adelson told those nasty little Internet gaming punks to get off his lawn. Now, he thinks they egged his house. As payback, the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. says he’ll put online gaming… [continue reading]

Second Thoughts on the Incredibly Slow Process in Massachusetts

It has been two years since the enabling casino gaming legislation passed in Massachusetts and nothing has happened.  That is not exactly accurate as lots has happened, but no casinos have been built. In fact none have been licensed.  The… [continue reading]

Remembering the shock, fifty years later

I was eight years old, in the third grade – and about to begin a rare Friday afternoon off from school, because there was teacher conferences at Adrian Elementary that day. I was playing with a friend on the third… [continue reading]

GAMING INSIDER: Smiles abound with Scientific Games-WMS merger closed

The marriage between lottery provider Scientific Games Corp. and slot machine manufacturer WMS Industries is still in the honeymoon phase. The $1.5 billion merger, in which the smaller New York-based lottery company acquired the casino industry’s third-largest manufacturer, was completed… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Foreign deals can include risks (LVRJ)

Payoffs to government officials typically don’t show up on the balance sheets of U.S. gaming companies. That the accounting practice is commonplace in some countries was a reason Penn National Gaming rejected expansion into Asia. In a speech Nov. 8… [continue reading]

A casino on Martha’s Vineyard? “No Way”

I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard. When I read that the Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah had said they had Federal approval to put a casino on the island, I wasn’t sure what to think. So I called the person, from… [continue reading]

And They’re Off! (and running ’til November 2016)

Horse racing is probably a bad analogy for an election, but it paints the right picture for the moment.  According to the British bookie, William Hill, the 2016 campaign for president of the United States has officially begun with the… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Culinary’s futile effort against the Cosmopolitan (LVRJ)

The only Sin City video getting more hits on the Internet than the Culinary union’s recent taunting and name-calling of people entering The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was the 2011 clip of Batman getting body-slammed on the Strip by a… [continue reading]

Gaming industry pushes for Congressional crackdown on patent “trolls”

Patent reform is not a subject matter typically associated with casino gaming, but industry heavyweights are throwing their weight behind bipartisan congressional proposals to crack down on abusive litigation by patent “trolls”. The American Gaming Association, in conjunction with are… [continue reading]

Four Predictions in today’s gaming-related elections

If Jeffrey Compton would ever be accused of promoting gambling it won’t be over blackjack, horse racing, sports betting or even video poker; my weakness and joy is election wagering. Today’s is an off-year election with only two governorships up,… [continue reading]

Nevada online poker websites still in their infancy

It’s unfair to compare Nevada’s adolescent Internet poker market to the pre-Black Friday online poker world that existed in the U.S. a few years ago. On a good day, the state’s two currently operating real money poker websites —… [continue reading]

Court’s tip for Steve Wynn: No need to apologize

It took some time, but Steve Wynn got what he wanted. In overruling a District Court judge who only appeared to have Nevada statute on his side, the state Supreme Court on Thursday released its unanimous decision that the mandatory… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Bay State blunders: Massachusetts now an embarrassment on gaming scene

Two years ago, Massachusetts was considered a potentially lucrative gaming opportunity. The past two weeks, however, have called into question the viability of the Bay State’s incubating casino market. Massachusetts is moving ahead with a single Las Vegas-style casino in… [continue reading]

An Update on Casino Gaming Expansion on the East Coast

The casino gaming news these days is filled with stories of expansion. Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania all have expansion on their radar screens. New Hampshire is working on new regulations as a prelude to expansion… [continue reading]

Boom time in Macau continues to buoy Las Vegas Sands

The Venetian and Palazzo on the Strip provided Las Vegas Sands Corp. with somewhat lackluster revenues in the third quarter. Wall Street didn’t give the results much attention. Macau is what drives Las Vegas Sands. In the three months ended… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Caesars Entertainment’s terrible, horrible, no good and very bad weekend (LVRJ)

Has there ever been a gaming company that suffered through a worse 72-hour period than Caesars Entertainment Corp.? On a Friday evening, Caesars was punted from a proposed $1 billion project in Boston. Then the company was forced to dump… [continue reading]

Public Polling on Internet Gaming is Meaningless – for now!

(I would like to thank CDC Gaming Reports Editor John Broughton for his invaluable contributions to this analysis.) Twenty-four hours before I sat down to write this column, I had no idea that it would be about Internet gaming. By… [continue reading]

Legalization of online gambling in the US

The prohibition on online gambling in the U.S. ended on June 6, 2013. The Internet Gambling Regulation, Enforcement, and Consumer Protect Act legalized all forms of online gambling except betting on sports. (American Gaming Association, 2013) 37 companies have already… [continue reading]