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A Junket ride to Macau – sponsored by the Times of London; an update

Several times in the last year, I have written about Macau, about the challenges for any non-Chinese company trying to operate there; essentially there are two major unresolved issues in my mind.  Those issues, the uncertainty of Chinese policy making… [continue reading]

Regulating casinos in Massachusetts

The gaming commission in Massachusetts is front and center of all of the activity leading up to the actual start of casino gambling in Massachusetts.  It set, as all gaming commissions do, the regulations and conditions for the conducting of… [continue reading]

Macau Just Might Be a House of Cards

The casinos in Macau are the busiest in the world; they dominate the income statements of three of America’s largest casino companies as well as the largest Australian casino company. The casino industry in Macau has grown so fast that… [continue reading]

Fantasy Sports and Online Lotteries – trends to watch

Looking for the trends behind the news is a kind of game for me; it is something I do it with everything that I read or see anywhere. It is comparable to reading a mystery story, or playing any game… [continue reading]

2012 was a very good year; a very good year for competition and red ink

As I have written before, the torch has been passed to a new generation of casinos. In 2006, the casinos in Atlantic City were second only to the Las Vegas Strip casinos in revenue.  That position now belongs to Pennsylvania… [continue reading]

A heavy weight fight in Massachusetts

At first glance, the competition for a casino license in Massachusetts may not look like a heavy weight fight, but by the time it is over no one will doubt that it was; those left standing will be scared, but… [continue reading]

A changing of the guards – Cleveland tops Atlantic City

The news from Atlantic City has not been good this week; the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the gaming revenue figures for December and for 2012 and the numbers are not pretty.  The casinos in Atlantic City just… [continue reading]

The Pennsylvania lottery: A greedy piggy or a helpful citizen?

 The billboard depicts a caricature of a pig in a suit with a Union Jack on its lapel, holding a vacuum cleaner that is sucking dollar bills out of an elderly woman’s purse. Lottery Post, 1-9-13 Good, bad, ugly and… [continue reading]

Lenin, windjammers and volcanoes: musings on things past

What do Vladimir Lenin,  windjammers and volcanoes have in common?  Not much you might say, but in the gaming industry they are exactly the same thing, the same concept dressed in different clothes. Over the course of its modern history,… [continue reading]

Using yesterday to guess at tomorrow

It is the end of a year, 2012; the end of any year always brings out two kind of pundits, those who summarize the preceding year and those who peek into the future.  Both are subject to error, the summarizer… [continue reading]

After the hurricane – facing the future weakened and damaged

Hurricane Sandy was probably the most destructive storm to hit the United States, ever; the hurricane was even given a hyper name, Super-Storm Sandy. Sandy was terribly destructive not because of the power of its winds or the amount of… [continue reading]

Massachusetts a long slow road to travel to get to a casino

The latest state to walk down the gambling road, Massachusetts is walking slower than the others.  The American Gaming Association studied the subject and concluded that 3 years was the average it took a state to go from passing legislation… [continue reading]

Another casino or two coming down the Pennsylvania Turnpike

It is an old story already, but one that is being still reported; there are too many casinos in the Northeast and there are more on the way. The stories usually appear each month when the monthly gaming revenue figures… [continue reading]

After the Powerball jackpot – what next?

And then, like all good things it came to an end; I, for one, am disappointed.  I wanted to see what would happen if the jackpot continued to grow.  It hit on Wednesday, November 28th for about $590 million; a… [continue reading]

Oh Lord, Please let me win. Just once, I will be good forever. I promise.

The modern version of the state lottery started in 1964 with New Hampshire.  It had taken about 75 years for the bad taste of the corrupt lotteries of the second half of the 19th century to leave the national consciousness. … [continue reading]

The day after – casino gaming and the election

Well, at last the election is over, regardless of whether your candidate won or lost, or whether your ballot issue passed or failed you, too, must be as glad as I am to have to constant barrage of campaign advertising,… [continue reading]

Not between a rock and a hard place- a Hard Rock success story

When is Indian gaming Indian gaming and when it is something else?  Of course, in a technical sense Indian gaming is only Indian gaming when an Indian tribe operates a gaming operation under the guidelines and within the constraints of… [continue reading]

Did Darwin discover the Internet, or just describe how it came to be?

Identifying the precise moment of change is not always possible, nor is always possible to identify the person who brought it about.  Today, while waiting at the blood clinic for my appointment I was reading an advertisement for a course… [continue reading]

The GOP takes a stand against online gambling

Whenever gaming appears on the political landscape it takes on a partisan cast.  In some states, the Democratic Party is pro-gaming and supports gaming legislation, while the Republican Party takes the opposite point of view and opposes the legislation.  In… [continue reading]

Bad timing and bad luck on the Boardwalk

By now, it is no secret that Atlantic City casino market is challenged; casinos have grown up in all of its feeder markets and are siphoning off the cream from its cash-flow.  No property is going to be more challenged… [continue reading]

Putting a lid back on Pandora’s box

Twenty years or so ago, I. Nelson Rose wrote a piece about the spread of gaming.  At that time, Nelson said that we were in the beginning of the third wave of gambling expansion in the United States.  Each of… [continue reading]

Not so responsible gambling

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act passed in 1988; in the 24 years since the IGRA passed there have been many changes Indian country.  It would be safe to say that before the Act and the advent of Indian gaming Indian… [continue reading]

The day the earth stood still

Bang!  For a moment today, the earth stood still, frozen like a bad connection on Skype.  In that frozen picture you could, if only for a second, see the future – a new sort of Brave New World.   It… [continue reading]