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G2E: Duetto helps casinos get the right people – at the most profitable price

Casinos in recent years have placed more focus on getting the right patrons in their hotels at the right price, and a San Francisco-based company has fine-tuned the process.

Duetto officials said Wednesday at G2E that their software includes multiple factors that help hotel revenue managers price their rooms in order to maximize revenue. Duetto’s products take into account how much casino play a potential guest does, as well as how much they spend elsewhere on the property and even competitor hoteliers’ rates. The concept is similar to how airlines determine pricing dynamically.

“Casino-hotels started off as basically a dormitory for gamblers, but now with 70 percent of revenues coming from non-gaming, hotels really have to get the right people in their rooms,” said Joe Hetsko, global solutions engineer for Duetto.

Duetto serves more than 1,200 hotel properties, not all of which are casinos, in more than 60 countries.

Hetsko said that while other companies also offer ways for hotels to maximize revenue, Duetto a spectrum, rather than a black-and-white option for managers.

“So if you have someone who will spend $500 on a room but doesn’t gamble, why not give it to him,” Hetsko said. A former director of revenue management at the Mohegan Sun Pocono, Hetsko also emphasized that Duetto sprung from a casino hospitality background, rather than as a tech company. That said, Duetto operates within “the cloud”, meaning that program updates are quickly executed with no additional effort from the client.

Duetto’s offerings also help those who have to forecast budgets.

“They’re always adjusting, but what we have also helps provide historical information that assists,” he said.

That data, which contains more than 50 metrics, also helps managers provide tailored reports quickly.

“The idea is to let marketers be away from doing reports so they can focus on actual revenue strategy,” Hetsko said.

In addition to replacing casino blocks with a better yielding strategy, properties can also add value to guests by offering free-play bonuses, food and beverage offers or other perks, based on the reinvestment they’ve earned.