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Our guest this week is Seth Palansky, editor in chief of to discuss the World Series of Poker, which begins next week


After Sale, Are Changes Coming To The SLS?


Episode 773: Slot Flaw Scofflaws


Springfield, IL Casino? A Businessman Likes The Odds


Our guest this week is James McManus, an avid poker player and the author of several books


The history of the Las Vegas Strip is the history of how we vacation


Our guest this week is advantage player Lee Jensen who has started a new blog for blackjack players


Ep. 485 – Dave talks with international gambling law expert, I Nelson Rose, about the New Jersey sportsbetting case


Our guest this week is “Blade” who supports himself by playing blackjack, in Las Vegas and elsewhere


Ep. 484 – Tommy Angelo returns to chat about his new book, Painless Poker


Alex Fitzgerald joins the show to talk about his book “The Myth of Poker Talent”


Our guest this week is James McManus, the author of several books, and many magazine articles


Our guest this week is James McManus, the author of several book including his history of poker, Cowboys Full.


Ep. 482 – Mike Amerson, CEO of i-Candy Gaming, chats about his new VR game, Blackjack Bailey


Our guest this week is Kelly Sun. The media dubbed her the “Queen of Sorts,” and her team mates called her a “baccarat machine.”


Ep. 481 – Paul Harry, CEO of Innovative Table Games, chats with us about his new game, Super Easy Aces


Our guests are two professional blackjack players who count cards and exploit casino carnival games and various casino side bets.


Ep. 480 – Dave chats with casino entrepreneur Gary Green about his latest book and his upcoming TV show


Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis, owner of The Las Vegas Advisor and Huntington Press publishing.


Ep. 479 – An encore presentation of Dave’s interview with Fred Bevill of America’s Poker Tour


Ep. 478 – Dave talks with Steve Ruddock about the latest in Pennsylvania online gaming


Ep. 79. – Stefan Al discusses his new book, The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream


The guest this week is Buddy Frank who has been a casino director in slots and marketing for 25+ years


Our guest this week is Connor Fields. Connor won the 2016 Olympic gold medal for BMX racing.


Ep. 477 – Dave interviews Tim Mulligan, President of New Millennium Gaming LLC, about their new product, the OmniTable.