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Bitcoin boom spreads to Las Vegas brick-and-mortar businesses

Should an economic collapse ever ruin the U.S. dollar, you could still shop for your cataclysmic needs at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. Behind the door protected by wrought-iron bars and near a couple of machetes, black and orange signs read:… [continue reading]

Gaming Insider: Sorry, IGT, just like McKayla, investors aren’t impressed

Remember the photo from the 2012 Summer Olympics of U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney, standing on the medal podium after taking silver in the vault finals, arms crossed, lips pursed to the side, with a look of disappointment? The image became… [continue reading]

What’s Russian for ‘Sin City?’

Somehow, “What happens in Crimea, stays in Crimea,” doesn’t seem like an appropriate catchphrase. In April, a month after Russia forcibly annexed the Black Sea peninsula away from Ukraine, President Valdimir Putin said he wants to turn the territory into… [continue reading]

Amid dispute, Station considered buying Dotty’s

Neighborhood gambling giant Station Casinos hasn’t been shy about criticizing the Dotty’s chain. According to Station, Dotty’s doesn’t follow the law, blurs the lines between regular casinos and taverns and preys on legitimate gambling businesses. So it might come as… [continue reading]

The El Cortez is well positioned to attract Millennials (and yes, you did read that right!)

Last week I had dinner with CDC Publisher Jeffrey Compton at the flagship restaurant at the El Cortez called Flame. (Note – Jeff has had a long-time professional relationship with the El Cortez.) I had never been to the El… [continue reading]

Before and After Cell Phones: A Generational Disconnect Forcing Change

Everything is constantly changing. Business, like all aspects of society, is dynamic and in a constant state of flux. The problem is not to understand change, but to anticipate the nature of the change. It is no secret that I… [continue reading]

Venitian, Palazzo barely an afterthought with Macau in the mix

There is a reason analysts spent about 40 minutes questioning Las Vegas Sands Corp. officials last week about the company’s over-the-top results in Macau. It has to do with Confucius. During a conference call to discuss Las Vegas Sands’ first-quarter… [continue reading]

What Is A Casino To Do When The Gamblers Stop Coming?

In every gaming jurisdiction experiencing a long-term decline in revenues, casinos are being forced to cut expenses and restructure. The way a casino approaches the problem differs according to the management, location and conditions that created the problem, but there… [continue reading]

Is Phil Ivey a Cheater or an Advantage Player?

About two weeks ago a news tornado blew through the casinosphere, when the Borgata Casino filed a federal suit against Phil Ivey, seeking to recoup $9.6 million that Ivey won playing baccarat in 2012. In case you don’t know the… [continue reading]

If The Recession Is Over, Where Are The Gamblers?

  By now, everyone has read the stories of gaming communities struggling under the weight of the Great Recession and increased competition. The economy is improving, so gaming’s struggles must be related to competition, right? Economic downturns affect every business,… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Return on investment for Internet gaming operations in three states no windfall

Apparently, the only folks making money from the U.S.’s fledgling Internet gaming market are lobbyists. That won’t change anytime soon. Bills for and against Internet gaming continue to surface in statehouses and Congress, which means more billable hours for the… [continue reading]

Casino bill must include Chicago – and safeguards

Haggling over legislation to bring a casino to Chicago has become a springtime ritual. This time around, state Rep. Bob Rita, D-Blue Island, has dealt out two new amendments that just might get the job done. To our way of… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Casino industry wrestles with issues surrounding medical marijuana

Like much of Nevada, the casino industry is grappling with issues surrounding medical marijuana. So much so that gaming companies and regulators have had little to say publicly about doctor-prescribed pot. Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2000,… [continue reading]

A Tale of Two States and Two Lines of Thought

In Chicago, Illinois on April 16th, the state gaming commission held a hearing on two proposed casino expansion bills. One would allow for an additional casino in Chicago with up to 10,000 gaming positions; the other bill proposal would authorize… [continue reading]

Celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck reveals the Magic of Advertising

Celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck has been performing for the past two years at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana. On a recent weekday, I attended his 4:00 p.m. show. I was perplexed that this well-branded and known talent only had… [continue reading]

AGA Affirms Value of Gaming in Response to Massachusetts AG Candidate

Gaming industry set to create thousands of jobs, help small businesses and support public services in the Commonwealth. Washington — American Gaming Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman issued the following statement after Massachusetts Attorney General candidate Maura Healey announced her… [continue reading]

Dead end for Alabama — Attorney general’s fight against Poarch Creeks failed, as expected

“Big Luther,” Alabama’s hyper-ambitious Attorney General Luther Strange, had been warned more than once. This page warned him. Other commentators warned him. If he had bothered to ask, members of the Alabama Bar Association most assuredly would have warned him,… [continue reading]

After new law, 2016 political conventions more beholden to wealthy donors

While the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down limits on individual political donors captured the headlines last Wednesday, a new law signed by President Obama on the next day will also increase the political system’s reliance on wealthy donors. Known… [continue reading]

Merger ushers in leadership shuffle for WMS Industries

The ink was hardly dry on lottery giant Scientific Games Corp.’s $1.5 billion buyout of slot machine manufacturer WMS Industries when the corporate management team was shaken up with a new CEO and chairman in November. Earlier this month, Scientific… [continue reading]

Regional gaming operators hope winter’s thaw will nurture warmer financial figures

Winter’s long grip on the Midwest and other parts of the U.S. is finally subsiding. But even as the snow melts, regional gaming operators might have to wait for their bottom lines to warm up. Weather issues kept casino patrons… [continue reading]

Tell Congress to Fight Frivolous, Costly Litigation

Gaming Industry Colleague: AGA continues its ongoing efforts to call for Congress to pass meaningful patent reform legislation to curb abuses asserted by patent trolls. Patent trolls are a hindrance to American businesses, including the gaming industry, that make our… [continue reading]

Donnie and Marie: The Stay Power of the Classic Las Vegas Show

I recently attended the Donnie and Marie Show at the Flamingo Showroom with the understanding that they were soon taking some time off to allow for Olivia Newton John to begin her new “Summer Nights” show. Was it perhaps that… [continue reading]

INSIDE GAMING: Casinos shudder over possible federal requirement to divulge source of high rollers’ gambling funds

Word that the U.S. Treasury Department may soon require the casino industry to report the source of gambling funds used by their big spending high-rollers sent a few shock waves through corporate offices. It wasn’t so much a rumble as… [continue reading]

The Risky Business of Loss Rebates

In early 2011, Don Johnson won more than $15 million playing blackjack at Atlantic City. Before he began, he negotiated a number of perks that moved the edge squarely to his side. The most valuable was a 20% rebate on… [continue reading]

Nightclubs looking for the next big thing to keep record-setting crowds coming

The next big thing is coming, Las Vegas. At least, that’s what nightlife guru Jon Taffer said while getting ready for his annual Nightclub & Bar Show to open in late March. During an interview with the Las Vegas Business… [continue reading]