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Video: Watch this huge glass dragon being installed at the Lucky Dragon

by Thomas Moore, Las Vegas Sun

The centerpiece of the new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino will literally be a lucky dragon.

Over the last two weeks, workers have suspended a 1.25-ton glass dragon chandelier from the ceiling high above the center bar of the Asian-themed casino.

The chandelier was designed and installed according to the principles of feng shui in order to bring good fortune to guests of the property. Those principles governed the dimensions of the dragon, how many pieces it was made from, and even the direction it faces in the casino.

The body of the dragon portion of the chandelier is comprised of 762 glass scales and is 23 feet high and nearly 15 feet long. It is surrounded by 288 glass orbs that are also suspended from the ceiling.

The piece was designed and formed in the Crystal Valley of the Czech Republic by Preciosa Lighting. Work began on it last May, and the installation was completed last weekend.

The 200-room resort, scheduled for a Dec. 3 opening, sits near the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue and features a 27,000-square-foot casino.