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 [[http://​www.deltadowns.com/​gaming/​casino-news-promotions|www.deltadowns.com/​gaming/​casino-news-promotions]] [[http://​www.deltadowns.com/​gaming/​casino-news-promotions|www.deltadowns.com/​gaming/​casino-news-promotions]]
-==== 15th Anniversary Celebration,​ February 9 23   ====+==== Showers of Winning Earn Get, Sundays in April  ​====
-5 PM PM. Every 15 minutes, you could be one of three lucky B Connected members ​to win Kenneth Cole Reaction Purses, BMW® luggage, Cuisinart® appliances, and other great prizesAt 9:00PMyou could win a Rolex® watch, plus all unclaimed prizes! Simply ​swipe your B Connected ​Card at any promotions kiosk to enterThen make sure your card is active in your favorite slot machine for chance to win+PM. Every 30 minutes, you could win up to $500 FastPlayBeginning at 5:00pm on promotion days, swipe your B Connected ​card at any promotions kiosk to activate your entryAt 8:00pm, you could win $750 FastPlay! 
 +Get bonus Jump Start each Friday! ​ Simply earn 5,000 points on Friday, April 7, 14 or 21, and get 500 entries into the Sunday drawing
-==== Presidents'​ Day GiveawayMonday, Feb. 20 ====+==== Fists Full of CashFridays & Saturdays in April  ​====
-Noon 4pmCome in and grab your free t-shirt and a chance ​to win a collectible 1 oz. Silver Eagle coin beginning at noon on Presidents'​ Day!+10pm 11pm on Fridays, 6pm – 8pm & 9pm – 11pm on SaturdaysTake a swing at up to $10,000 cash! Every 20 minutes you could be one of two lucky B Connected members to face off in one round of the cash machine. The player to grab the most money during the round wins both prizes ​up to $10,000 cash! The worthy opponent drops down for the count and wins $250 cash
-==== $15,000 Anniversary Instant Win, Fridays ​in February ​  ====+==== Cash With Friends BenefitsThursdays ​in April ====
-10:00am – 11:00pm. Simply swipe your B Connected card at any promotions kiosk to instantly ​win point multipliersFastPlay or up to $15,000 cash!+5 - 8 PMEvery 20 minutes, you and your best friend could each win $222 cash! Simply swipe your B Connected card at any promotions kiosk for a free entry. Then make sure your card is active in your favorite slot machine for a chance ​to win. Earn one bonus entry for every 100 points you earn. At 8pmyou and your friend could split all unclaimed prizesOther restrictions apply. Visit the B Connected Club for details.
-==== Cupid'​s CashSaturdays, February 4, 11 & 18   ====+==== Young at Heart Hot Seat Slot TournamentTuesdays in April ====
-6pm – 7pm & 9pm – 10pm. Every 20 minutes, you could take aim to win up to $2,500 cash! At 11:00pm, one lucky B Connected member will win $5,000 cash! Simply ​swipe your B Connected ​card at any promotions kiosk February 1 - 18 to enter. Then make sure your card is active in your favorite slot machine ​one hour prior to each drawing for a chance to playYou'll receive one bonus entry for every 100 points you earn.  +2pm - 4pm. Every 30 minutes, you could win up to $250 FastPlay! Simply ​make sure your B Connected card is active in your favorite slot machine. ​Then every 30 minutes beginning at 2:​00pm, ​five lucky B Connected members50 years or better, will be selected to participate ​in a one round tournament ​for a guaranteed $100 FastPlay. Every tournamentone lucky B Connected ​member ​will win $250 FastPlay. Other restrictions apply. Visit the B Connected ​Club for details.
- +
-==== Drive Less, Play More Luxury Car Giveaway, Saturday, Feb. 25 ==== +
- +
-1pm - 11pm. Every 30 minutes ​from 1:00pm - 4:30pm, you could win $1,500 cash! Then, beginning at 5:​00pm, ​you could become a finalist with a chance to win a luxurious 2017 Corvette® StingrayBMW® XSor Ford® F-250! Finalist drawings ​will be held every 30 minutes from 5:00pm - 11:00pm. AT 11:00PM, one lucky B Connected member will drive off in a new vehicle! Simply swipe your B Connected card at any promotions kiosk on Saturday, February 25, and earn one bonus entry for every 100 points you earn. Earn 15X entries on February 5, 12 and 19! +
- +
-[[http://​www.deltadowns.com/​whats-new/​promotions/​drive-less-play-more-luxury-car-giveaway|http://​www.deltadowns.com/​whats-new/​promotions/​drive-less-play-more-luxury-car-giveaway]] +
- +
-==== Young at Heart Red Hot Hot Seat, Tuesdays in February ​  ​==== +
- +
-12:30pm - 4pm. Every Tuesday15 lucky B Connected ​members 50 years of age or better ​will win $250 cash! Simply activate your B Connected ​card in your favorite slot machine ​for a chance to win! +
- +
-==== Emerald & Sapphire Wheel In The Cash, Wednesdays in February ​  ​==== +
- +
-3:00pm – 7:45pmEvery 15 minutes, Emerald & Sapphire members could spin their way up to $500 cash! Simply play with your B Connected card in your favorite slot machine for a chance to win!+
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 ===== Tourmaments,​ Current & Upcoming ===== ===== Tourmaments,​ Current & Upcoming =====
-==== Be My Valentine Slot Tournament, Sat., February 11 ==== 
-REGISTRATION:​ 6PM - 8PM. Team up with a friend and register at the Box Office for  this one round slot tournament. You’ll receive your play time and seat  number. TOURNAMENT: 9:00pm. Play your round, then cheer on your partner. ​ Your scores will be combined to determine your ranking. The top 78  combined scores will win a share of $15,000 in cash, FastPlay, or spins  on a $100 slot machine. Winners will be announced one hour after the  tournament has ended. Prize winnings will be split evenly between team  members. 
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