Grand Victoria Casino

250 S. Grove Avenue, Elgin, IL 60120

Phone Number(s)
(888) 508-1900 or (847) 468-7000

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General Info

Open 8:30am - 6:30am, free admission. Formerly a riverboat casino, moved to land-based facility Aug. 2007. Over 29,000 sq. ft. of casino gaming space with over 1,100 slots, table games (17 blackjack, 3 3-card poker, 4 craps, 4 roulette, 1 Caribbean stud poker, 1 baccarat), 6 Texas hold 'em poker. 4-table poker room opened Feb. 2009. Dining: Buckingham's Steakhouse & Lounge, Crave Deli, Indulge Buffet, Prime Burgerhouse. 4,400 sq. ft. banquet facilities, gift shop, bike path.

Players Club Info

Promotions, Current & Upcoming

Current Casino Promotions

Promotions, Ongoing

Victoria's Morning Club, Mon-Fri.

8-10am in Crave Deli members receive complimentary continental breakfast; free valet parking.

100x Odds

100x odds on craps.

Tournaments, Current and Upcoming

Birthday Bucks Slot Tournament, September 27

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