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 [[https://​www.caesars.com/​horseshoe-council-bluffs/​casino|www.caesars.com/​horseshoe-council-bluffs/​casino]] [[https://​www.caesars.com/​horseshoe-council-bluffs/​casino|www.caesars.com/​horseshoe-council-bluffs/​casino]]
-==== Red Hot RewardsJan. 1 - Feb. 25  ​====+==== Winning WednesdaysWednesday in April ====
-Total Rewards Members will receive one entry for every 25 Tier Credits earned at +6 AM - 6 AM. Every Wednesdayeveryone wins. Swipe your Total Rewards card at the Promotions Kiosk to reveal your guaranteed prizePrizes include ​$1,000 cashfree buffets, free slot play and more
-Harrah’s & Horseshoe Council Bluffs from January 1 – February 25. Every Sunday in January and February, +
-guests will receive 17X earned entries. Finale Drawing Sat., Feb. 25 at Horseshoe Council Bluffs. +
-Entry Activation 5pm – 7:30pm at the Promotions Kiosks. Drawing at 8pm outside Whiskey Roadhouse. Swipe your Total Rewards card at Horseshoe Council Bluffs ​to activate one complimentary entry and all earned entries. +
-At 8pm, five winners will be drawn for their chance to win a share of over $50,000 in prizesincluding a 2017 Lexus RC300.+
 +==== $100 On Us, March - August ====
-==== Rewards ​Credit Buffet, Thursdays in Feb====+Sign up for a Total Rewards ​Card and we will reimburse your losses—up to $100—with a Free Slot Play offerSee Total Rewards for more details and to start playing $100 On Us!
-Use your rewards credits to purchase up to two lunch or dinner buffets at the Village Square Buffet. Lunch: 500 reward credits. Dinner: 777 reward credits. ​ 
-==== Earn a Free Buffet, Fridays in Jan & Feb. ==== 
-Every Friday in January and February, earn 50 tier credits between 6am - 9pm and receive a free buffet when you swipe at the Promotional Kiosks! Lunch: 10 am - 2:30 pm; dinner: 4:30pm - 10pm.  
 ===== Promotions, Ongoing ===== ===== Promotions, Ongoing =====
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 Members who earn 200 tier credits daily (6am-6am) between Harrah'​s & Horseshoe Council Bluffs receive free slot play via email. Members who earn 200 tier credits daily (6am-6am) between Harrah'​s & Horseshoe Council Bluffs receive free slot play via email.
-==== Club 55, Wed. ====+==== Club 55, Wednesdays ​====
 Guests age 55+ receive two-for-one buffet lunch or dinner. Guests age 55+ receive two-for-one buffet lunch or dinner.
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 [[https://​www.caesars.com/​content/​dam/​hbr/​Gaming/​monthlypromotions/​2174_t3_33.5x84_hbr_stw_bannerstand_final.pdf|https://​www.caesars.com/​content/​dam/​hbr/​Gaming/​monthlypromotions/​2174_t3_33.5x84_hbr_stw_bannerstand_final.pdf]] [[https://​www.caesars.com/​content/​dam/​hbr/​Gaming/​monthlypromotions/​2174_t3_33.5x84_hbr_stw_bannerstand_final.pdf|https://​www.caesars.com/​content/​dam/​hbr/​Gaming/​monthlypromotions/​2174_t3_33.5x84_hbr_stw_bannerstand_final.pdf]]
-==== Poker Calendar, ​Feb. ====+==== Poker Calendar, ​March ====
 {{tag>​Iowa}} {{tag>​Iowa}}
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