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 [[https://​www.llakecharles.com/​promotions/​casino-deals/​|www.llakecharles.com/​promotions/​casino-deals/​]] [[https://​www.llakecharles.com/​promotions/​casino-deals/​|www.llakecharles.com/​promotions/​casino-deals/​]]
-==== $45,000 Fortune Wednesdays, February 1 - 22   ====+==== MyChoice T-Shirt GiveawayMondays in April  ​====
-9pm 11pmGet your fortune ​and win fortune! Earn 50 points from 5am 10:55pm then swipe at the mychoice Center kiosks ​from 9am - 11pm to play.+5 AM 10:55 PMSimply earn 30 points ​and get mychoice membership t-shirt! After earning, ​swipe at the mychoice Center kiosks ​until 11pm to receive a voucher. Then present your voucher at either mychoice Center for your t-shirt.
-==== $75,000 Presidential Pick GiveawaySaturdayFebruary ​18   ​====+==== $30,000 MyChoice Midnight MadnessApril 411 & 18  ====
-Earn entries from 5am Wednesday, February 1 10:25pm Saturday, February 18. Every 10 points is one entry. ​To activate ​entries, swipe your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 5:​30pm ​10:25pm on Saturday, February 18+Midnight. ​Earn entries from 5am - 11:55pm each promotional day. Every 10 points is one entry. ​Activate ​entries ​by swiping ​your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 10pm 11:55pm. And then wait till the midnight hour… 
 +See the mychoice Center for details
-==== Earn and Get WineFebruary 17   ====+==== $100,000 MyChoice Match & Win, Wednesdays ​and ThursdaysApril 5 - 27   ====
-Earn 300 points from 5am Friday, February 17 4:59am SaturdayFebruary 18 to receive two bottles of wine by The Prisoner Wine Company. After earning, simply ​swipe your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks ​until 4:59am SaturdayFebruary 18 to receive your gift redemption voucherThen present your voucher at the mychoice Center ​to pick up your wine.+Match & win two times a day! Earn 50 points from 5am - 10:55pmthen swipe at the mychoice Center kiosks ​to win Bonus Rewardsretail shopping vouchers, lunch buffets, L’Auberge golf, spa and dining experiences! You have two chances ​to win each day! Top prize is $150 in L’Auberge retail shopping dollarsSee the mychoice Center ​for details.
-==== Earn and dine at L'​AubergeThursdaysFebruary 2, 9, 16 & 23  ====+==== $125,000 Mercedes Benz GiveawayApril 29  ====
-Earn points each promotional day from 5am - 10:​55pm ​for a dining voucher to use at your favorite L’Auberge restaurant. 100 points = buffet at Le Beaucoup Buffet200 points = $50 meal voucher, 300 points = $75 meal voucherAfter earning ​points, swipe your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 8am – 11pm for a voucher. Limit one dining voucher per promotional day.+Win a 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 or a share of $47,000 in bonus rewards or promo chips. Each mychoice member will receive one entry. ​Earn additional entries ​from 5am Wednesday, March 1 - 10:​55pm ​SaturdayApril 29Every 10 points ​is one entry. To activate entries, swipe your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 6pm - 10:55pm on Saturday, April 29Select mychoice members will receive bonus entries at activation:  
 +  * Owners Club: 1,000  
 +  * Elite: 500  
 +  * Preferred: 250  
 +  * Advantage: 100 
-==== Earn & Get Free Buffet, Monday, Mar6, 13 & 20 ====+See the mychoice Center for details.
-Earn 100 points from 5am - 8:55pm for a meal at Le Beaucoup Buffet. After earning, just swipe your mychoice card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 10am - 8:55pm for a voucher. 
-Happy dining! 
-==== $65,000 March Mayhem weekly gameWeds. & Thurs., March 1-30 ====+==== $85,000 Race to WinWednesdays and Thursdays May 3 31 ====
-Win a share of $65,000 in Bonus Rewards or Promo Chips! ​Earn 50 points from 5am - 10:55pm on promotional days then swipe your mychoice ​card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 9am - 11pm to play and score! See the mychoice Center for more details.+Race to win a share of $85,000 in gas cards, ​Bonus Rewards or promo chips. ​Earn 75 points from 5am - 10:55pm on promotional days. After earning, just swipe your mychoice® ​card at the mychoice Center kiosks from 9am - 11pm to race and win. Play twice each promotional dayTop prize is $100 in Bonus Rewards or Promo Chips. ​See mychoice Center for more details.
 ===== Promotions, Ongoing ===== ===== Promotions, Ongoing =====
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 [[http://​www.llakecharles.com/​casino/​poker-tournaments/​|www.llakecharles.com/​casino/​poker-tournaments/​]] [[http://​www.llakecharles.com/​casino/​poker-tournaments/​|www.llakecharles.com/​casino/​poker-tournaments/​]]
 +==== $70,000 Race for the Roses Slot Tournament, May 5-6 ====
 +Win a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT or a share of $29,000 in bonus rewards. Earn 1,000 points between May 4 and 5 and swipe at the kiosk on May 5 for a free entry. ​
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