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 ===== Promotions, Current & Upcoming ===== ===== Promotions, Current & Upcoming =====
-==== 10th AnniversaryFebruary 28 ====+==== Promo CalendarApril ====
-Come celebrate Presque Isle's 10th Anniversary! 1,000 t-shirts will be given away beginning at 10 AMFree Smith'​s Hot Dog, chips and a Coke to the first 1,000 guests at the INCafe beginning at 11 AMFree cupcake to the first 1,000 guests at 1 PM10 Free Play winners every 30 minutes from 1 PM 8 PMEarn 1 entry for every 20 tier points earned.+[[https://​s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/​drupal-assets/​pid/​files/​apr_promo_cal_22x28.pdf|https://​s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/​drupal-assets/​pid/​files/​apr_promo_cal_22x28.pdf]]
-==== $10,000 Table Games Hot Seat, March 25 ====+==== 50+ Kiosk Scratch for CashTuesdays in April ====
-4:20 PM PM. One randomly selected player will receive $1,000 cash!  Plus, carded players ​at the table with the selected hot seat winner will receive $25 each! If no player is in the winning seat, the $1,000 will roll over into the next drawing. ​ If the final drawing of the night, hot seats will be drawn until a winning seat is found. ​ All carded players at a non-winner table will receive ​$25. Must be a ONE Club member ​to win.+9 AM PM. Earn 25 tier points starting ​at 7AM each Tuesday to play a Scratch Off Game on the Kiosk to win Free Play and Cash Prizes ranging from $- $500! No more going to multiple lines! ​ Just visit the Kiosk to play!
-==== Hot Seat MadnessSundays in March ====+==== $10,000 Table Games Hot Seat, April 29 ====
-PM - 7 PM. It might still be cold outsidebut Presque Isle's slots are hot. Come in between ​and 7 PM for your chance to win free slot play18 lucky slot play winners selected ​at random times. Must use card to qualify.+PM - 7 PM. One randomly selected player will receive $1,000 cash!  Plus, carded players at the table with the selected ​hot seat winner will receive $25 each! If no player is in the winning seat, the $1,000 will roll over into the next drawing If the final drawing of the night, hot seats will be drawn until a winning seat is found. ​ All carded players ​at a non-winner table will receive $25. Must be a ONE Club member ​to win.
-==== Clover Cash GiveawayFridays ​in March ====+==== Rack Up Reward DollarsWednesdays ​in April ====
-4 PM 10 PM. 7 Winners every 30 minutes on March 3, 10, 24 and 31 win up To $500 cash or free play10 winners ​every 30 minutes March 17 will win up to $1,000 cash or free play!+9 AM PM. Watch your Reward Dollars EscalateYour Reward Dollar multiplier will increase by 5 with every Wednesday visit! ​ The multiplier ​will randomly start during various timesso watch your slot screens to see when you are earningYour Reward Dollars will be available by 10am the following day.  Visit the Kiosk to check our your increased rewards. Valid on Slot Play Only. Excludes Video Poker and Virtual Roulette. Direct Mail Only.
-==== St. Paddy's Day BlastThursdays ​in March ====+==== Crack 'Em All Hot SeatSundays ​in April ====
-9 AM PM. Earn 25 tier points ​and play a game on the Kiosk for a chance to win up to $100 free slot playStart earning points at 6 AM each day.+PM. 18 Lucky Slot Play Winners will be selected at random times between 1pm and 7pm every Sunday in April to crack an egg and win Free Play prizes! Just make sure to use your card while you play to qualify ​for a chance to win!
-==== 50X Reward Dollars Pop-Up, Saturdays in March ==== 
-10 AM - 10 PM. 50x Reward Dollars will randomly start during various times on the casino floor. ​ Just watch your Sentinel Screen on the slot machine for the event to begin. Your Reward Dollars will be available by 10 AM the following day.  Visit the Kiosk the next day to check your winnings. Excludes video poker and virtual roulette. ​ Slot play only.  Direct Mail only. 
 ==== Play Eldorado Online Gaming Incentive ==== ==== Play Eldorado Online Gaming Incentive ====
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 ===== Tournaments,​ Current & Upcoming ===== ===== Tournaments,​ Current & Upcoming =====
-==== Poker Calendar, ​February ​====+==== Poker Calendar, ​April ==== 
 +==== $15,000 Craps Tournament, Saturday, April 22 ==== 
 +Starts at 2 PM. Cash Prizes to the Top 10 Finalists! 
 +EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION:​ April 21 from 9pm until 11:​59pm. ​ Players will receive a bonus of $500 Non-Value Tournament Chips and One Additional Wild Card. 
 +DAY-OF REGISTRATION:​ From 11am April 22 until all 144 players enter or before the start of the 4th round. 
 +$50 Buy-In earns players a $10 Match Play coupon, one Wild Card and $2,000 Non-Value Tournament Chips 
 +PRIZE POOL $15,000. $2000 Non-Value Tournament Chips. $100 Min Bet - $2500 Max Bet. $5 Dealer Appreciation for $500 Bonus Chips. 2 Final Table Wild Card Seats will be drawn on Saturday, April 22. 96 Max / 48 Min. $25 Re-Buy up to Roll #10 for $2,000 Non-Value Tournament Chips.
 ===== Tournaments,​ Ongoing ===== ===== Tournaments,​ Ongoing =====
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