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 [[https://​sunsetstation.sclv.com/​Promotions/​Gaming-Promotions|sunsetstation.sclv.com/​Promotions/​Gaming-Promotions]] [[https://​sunsetstation.sclv.com/​Promotions/​Gaming-Promotions|sunsetstation.sclv.com/​Promotions/​Gaming-Promotions]]
-==== 100 Cars in May Giveaway ​====+==== $1.777 Million Win Around Town Prize Game, September 1 - October 1 ====
-So many carsso easy to win. Every day in Mayyou could win a car. Or $25 in free slot play. +Win guaranteed pointsup to 1 million, as well as bonus cash, free slot play, dining and more
-==== Rollin'​ Roulette Table Games, Thursday - Sunday in May ====+==== Big Time Bonus Wheel of Fortune Slots ====
-Drawings begin at 5:30 PMWin up to $1500Must be present to win64 cash winners guaranteed.+10 casinos10 jackpots. Pots start at $10,000 cash and must hit by $20,000 
 ===== Promotions, Ongoing ===== ===== Promotions, Ongoing =====
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