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 [[https://​thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions|thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions]] [[https://​thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions|thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions]]
-==== Escape to Paradise GetawayFebruary 26 - April 29 ====+==== $750,000 High Voltage Dodge Charger Giveaway, April 30 - July 1 ====
-Where'​s your paradise? Get there with the $600,000 Escape To Paradise Getaway. Earn entries into the weekend drawings playing your favorite games with your Thunder Rewards card for a chance to win up to $15,000 cash or dream vacation package valued at $20,000.+Pop the winnings into high gear with our $750,000 High Voltage Dodge Charger Giveaway! ​ Every Friday and Saturday, eight lucky guests will be drawn: Seven of those guests will win $1,000 each and one guest will cruise home in brand new 2017 Dodge Charger! ​ Plus earn double entries every Monday and Friday
-Every Friday ​and Saturday evening10 guaranteed winners are randomly chosen ​to play a gameNine win $1,​000, ​and one will play for a cash prize up to $15,000 or the Dream Vacation Getaway ​prize. 20 guests win $250 in free slot play in bonus drawing ​at 10 PM.+Thunder Rewards members get one free entry any day when checking in at a Self-Service Kiosk and can earn additional entries playing slots and table games. On Monday and Friday, get 2X drawing entries.On Drawing nightsbe sure to activate your entries between 5pm and 6:50PM at any Self-Service Kiosk in the casinoThe drawing is at 7PM. You must be present to win and, if your name comes up, you have three minutes to claim your prize in person ​at the Promotions Stage.
-Thunder Rewards members get one free entry when checking in at a Self-Service Kiosk, and can earn additional entries playing slots and table games. On Monday and Friday, get 2X drawing entries. On drawing nights, be sure to activate your entries between 5PM and 6:50PM at any Self-Service Kiosk in the casino. The Drawing is at 7PM. You must be present to win and, if your name comes up, you have three minutes to claim your prize in person at the Promotions Stage. 
-[[https://​thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions/​promo/​escape-to-paradise-getaway#​promo-content-popup-299|https://​thundervalleyresort.com/​casino/​promotions/​promo/​escape-to-paradise-getaway#​promo-content-popup-299]]+==== Patriotic Cookie Giveaway, July 2 & 3 ====
 +We're celebrating with a taste of the red, white & blue!  Beginning at noon on July 2 and 3, we're giving away a box of festive patriotic-themed cookies to the first 1,000 Thunder Rewards members who earn 50 points. These sweet treats will be redeemed at the Thunder Rewards Center, and actual items may vary. 
-==== Spring Glass Play & Get Gifts, March 7 - 30 ==== 
-6 AM - 8 PM. Thunder Rewards members, play your favorite slots and table games on Tuesdays and Thursdays in March and earn points toward the Spring Glass collection. Begin redeeming points at noon. Keep the points for use with other benefits. ​ 
-  * March 7 & 9: 5-piece Glass Bowl Set, 350 points 
-  * March 14 & 16: 3-piece Glass Canister Set, 500 points 
-  * March 21 & 23: Colorful 8-piece Drinking Glass set, 500 points 
-  * March 28 & 30: 3-piece Bake & Take Set, 750 points 
-==== Chip-Up Bonus, February 5 - May 21 ====  
-It's time for Sunday services in The Poker Room. On Sundays from February 5 - May 21, 2017, Poker Room players will be randomly selected for a chance to win a share of $7,500 in prize money each promotion day. 50 cash prizes in all will be awarded each time, ranging up to $500. Plus, on the last Sunday of each month the number of winners will double to 100. Just be sure to play with your Thunder Rewards card.  
-==== Cash Money Monday & Wednesday, March 1 - May 24 ==== 
-6 AM - 11:59 PM. Cold, hard cash is on the line Mondays and Wednesdays, when special drawing tickets are distributed throughout three sessions. Those tickets go into a drawing where players can win $100 to $500 in cash, or a $75 Thunder Valley Gift Card. A morning, afternoon and evening session activate the ticket distribution. Tickets are distributed every 30 minutes within these sessions,​and drawings take place after each session. 
 ===== Promotions, Ongoing ===== ===== Promotions, Ongoing =====
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